Hello Managers!  This page is for you, and holds things that are not on other pages.  Please click the menu on the left side to access this information.

Click here to go to Conductor Stuff.

Click here to go to Admin Stuff.

Most of what you need is on the Login pages for all members: 

  • Attendance Policy
  • Performance Attire requirements
  • Performance Info - invitations, posters, arrival times, etc.
  • Audition info
  • Info about Move Up Auditions in the Spring
  • Calendar
  • Snack info
  • Reimbursement form
  • President's Monthly Newsletter

There is more on the Admin page:

  • Email lists for each orchestra
  • Conductor Forms
  • Deposit Form
  • Task Timeline for the season

You will need to provide items to many positions throughout the year:

  • Chair Audition excerpts and times for Corporate Secretary to upload
  • Chair Audition results to CorpSecty and Enrollment
  • Daily announcement to your orchestra each rehearsal
  • Ensure that the Conductor you support has communicated program order, guest musician needs, percussion needs at the venue, etc.
  • Attendance variances to enrolled/not enrolled students attending rehearsals - to Enrollment, and Audition Manager
  • Welcome letter to your orchestra at the beginning of the season, periodic emails to your entire group throughout the year.

The Enrollment Director will send you updates as they change through the concert cycle:

  • Rosters
  • Attendance Sheets
  • Chair Audition lists to fill out

The Performance Venue Coordinator will send you:

  • the stage layout to fill in each concert, here for general reference